Architectural Photography

"To capture the essence of a building is to bring it to life"

Architectural photography is both an art and a skill. And, like other art forms, mastery takes a great deal of natural talent coupled with an enormous amount of long-term effort. In my case, years of consistent practice with a creative eye, have allowed me to spot the exact angles required to bring out the beauty of a building, whilst maintaining it’s realism.

The knowledge of architectural styles and appreciation of the atmosphere of a building is essential, as is the correct use of the lenses and equipment I need to get the desired effects.

In architectural photography, quality is everything. I shoot freehand wherever possible, using medium format and full-frame cameras, with top-quality lenses. Shooting freehand allows me to get into positions where a tripod would be impractical – and it’s from those positions that I can view a building from all angles without constraint and obtain images that transform your building from a ‘place’ to a ‘beautiful work of art’.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss new aspects of creative architectural photography with my special uniqueness.