Construction Photography

"The art of construction involves putting lots of well-crafted pieces together to create a truly magnificent object"

When a building is erected, so much of the structure will never be seen again when photographing the ongoing construction, you will always have a documented record of the skeleton of your building before it is rendered, painted and occupied. This photographic evidence of the progression of the build is invaluable for your portfolio, case studies and for archival purposes. I hold my own CSCS card and PPE equipment.

Over the years I’ve undertaken construction progression photography for builders, surveyors, architects, and structural engineers and have a wealth of experience as well as creativity for shooting stunning images.

I’ve shot three covers for Construction UK Magazine to date.

"No building is too small or insignificant to be shown at its absolute best"

Please contact me if you would like to discuss new aspects of creative architectural photography with my special uniqueness.